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Boundless Childhood Joy

Boundless Childhood Joy

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Author: Bass, Marilin N.

It can be presumed that not many people know about Fat Hog's Bay. It is a village located in the British Virgin Islands on the island of Tortola. Here is where Marilin Bass grew up, and here is where she created very fond memories as a child in the 1960s.

She along with her siblings, cousins, and the other children on the island did not have cell phones or video games to while away their time. Instead, as young children, they played outside, created their own games, went on adventures, and enjoyed life to the fullest.

Boundless Childhood Joy: Tales from in and around the Garden is a collection of seven memorable short stories about the unforgettable experiences Marilin had as a young girl. Journey back with her to the years when:

  • A surprise gift in the form of a kitten gave her an incredible new friend.
  • Summers on the island were spent swimming in the ocean, diving for mangoes, playing jacks, and catching doves. 
  • A hurricane hit the island, and once the storm had passed, she and her cousin went in search of treasures that had been washed up from the sea. - She and her cousin came in close contact with a giant stingray while traversing a sandbar.

Each of these stories and more give readers of any age an enjoyable and informative collection about simpler and leisurely childhood times from another culture's perspective. Older readers with similar upbringings will reminisce about the wonders of their own childhoods and how they found many ways to entertain themselves. Younger readers growing up in the new millennium will get a glimpse as to what life was like growing up without the technology of today. All ages are guaranteed a peaceful and relaxing reading experience.

Marilin N. Bass was born in Fat Hog's Bay, on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, to Gad and Perpote Thomas Malone. She graduated from the BVI Comprehensive High School, now Elmore Stoutt High School