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Get The F*ck Out Your Own Way

Get The F*ck Out Your Own Way

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Author: Harris, MJ

It ain’t easy getting your shit together, but this book is the solution. And Tabitha Brown says, “you can trust him.”

If any of this sounds like you, it’s best you start reading this book now!

  • You seek more fulfilling relationships and dating experiences
  • You’re ready to shake off shame about past mistakes and step into your power
  • You want to say “see ya” to the toxic people and emotional gut-punchers
  • Your “people pleaser” days are over and it’s time to learn how to effectively say no

MJ Harris has got a lot of “best friends”—over five million to be exact. His hilarious, straightforward, raw advice has made him the go-to person across social media for everything you need to know about getting your shit together. 
MJ knows you need help—whether financial, spiritual, or in a relationship—but because you never learned how to properly handle the hurt and anger you’ve experienced in the past, it has become the emotional trash in the way of being your best self. Don’t nobody want that!
Whether it’s fixing your family issues, relationships, situationships, money, or frenemies, MJ offers sage advice about how to stop blocking yourself from bigger and better.