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Manage Your Mind

Manage Your Mind

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Author: Harnarinesingh, Mandy

You have been appointed to be a king, a queen, or a great and influential person and to reign in this world.  But this may not be your reality yet.  The question is why? Can it be because of what you have been told?  If you keep believing and using the false information given to you by those who what to enslave you, you would remain enslaved, mentally.  But if you desire to be liberated, the you must renew your mind by eradicating information which cause self-doubt, fear, lusts, and all other negative and limited beliefs and replace those with positive and elevating information.  Additionally, to fight, win and reign in your life, you must also know the enemy's weapons and strategies and discover and develop strategies to counteract the enemy's.  

The strategic information inside is excellent for transforming your min and through the correct application everyone will: 

  • Be equipped to win the battles in the mind
  • Break free from limiting thoughts
  • Overcome addicitions
  • Evolve and become influentials
  • Recognise and overcome demonic forces
  • Be enthroned and live victoriously 
  • Help humanity

To win in life you must first win within the battlefield of your mind.