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The Essential Paulo Coelho

The Essential Paulo Coelho

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Author: Coelho, Paulo

International bestselling author Paulo Coelho’s six inspiring classics, including The Alchemist, in one elegant, specially priced boxed collection

The Essential Paulo Coelho includes six of Coelho’s most beloved and influential titles:

THE ALCHEMIST (25th Anniversary edition)—The twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the international phenomenon about a shepherd boy who learns how to live his dreams, which includes an inspiring new introduction by the author.

THE PILGRIMAGE—Coelho details his journey along the legendary road of San Tiago across Spain which pilgrims have traveled since the Middle Ages.

THE VALKYRIES—A powerful exploration of one man’s battle with self-doubt and fear.

VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE—A young woman’s journey to discover her life’s meaning in the callous indifference of the modern world.

ELEVEN MINUTES—A gripping and daring novel that sensitively explores the sacred nature of sex and love and invites us to confront our own prejudices and demons.

WARRIOR OF THE LIGHT—The inspirational companion to The Alchemist, featuring passages that encourage all of us to accept failure, embrace life, and rise to our own destinies.