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Vintage Norman Island - True Treasure Tales

Vintage Norman Island - True Treasure Tales

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Author: Sims, Valerie

Discover Norman Island’s History of Piracy and Buried Treasure! 

The pursuit of buried treasure is the stuff of legends and has fascinated people for centuries with its promise of gleaming gold doubloons and pieces-of-eight. 

When a prominent St. Thomas merchant accumulates 1,500 acres in the Virgin Islands, members of his community suspect he has found his wealth in a bat-filled cave on Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands.

The island, after all, was the secret hiding place for Captain Owen Lloyd in 1750, when he and ten pirates buried 44 wooden chests of stolen silver, but Henry O. Creque stayed silent as the rumours swirled around town.

★ Did Creque really find a stash of precious coins in a dimly-lit cavern?

  • Join the author, who is one of Creque’s great-great-grandaughters, on this exciting adventure as she unravels the cryptic clues passed down in her family.
  • They may reveal the closely guarded secret her ancestor was trying to keep!
  • Norman Island is thought to be the inspiration behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, Treasure Island. You'll find the 14 reasons why this is so on page 115!

 Vintage Norman Island is a collection of fascinating stories about the hunt for hidden treasure.


This historical memoir paints a vivid picture of the rich history of Norman Island when buccaneers and privateers used the island as their "treasure house."